Broken Levees

Flood of 2011 Along the Mississippi

Memphis, You Were Next

After the flooding in Missouri to save the town of Cairo, I thought, where is all this water going to go? There was so much of it. There are thousands of gallons of  water.  We were watching the water rise and cover the homes in Pinhook and the surrounding areas. The farther south one traveled, the water seemed to just head that direction. Now, if one doesn’t live in this area, and not following the news, it had been raining for sometime. The rivers had been overflowing since earlier in April and rising, so when the corp activated their plan to blow the levee, the fields that were already saturated with water could not handle the additional water.

How fast does water travel when it’s blasted? My math is not good. I would have to believe if I blew something up with water in it, and that many gallons, it would be traveling at an extremely fast or high rate of speed.  The more I think about this. I keep seeing in my mind those movies like Deep Impact when the comet hit the water and I see that wall of water travel.  Maybe not that extreme, but I am sure you get the picture.

Memphis is approximate three hours south of New Madrid. The Interstate to travel between Memphis and New Madrid has been covered with water (to my knowledge).  After the blast, the people of Memphis were being told to prepare to evacuate the city of Memphis because the flood waters were headed in their direction. FEMA had been in the city preparing the citizens for a major disaster.  I wonder if they had anticipated or foreseen this catastrophe?

One of the things that struck me as odd is the city was concerned about saving the landmarks more than the people.  They should be worried about those who need their help and ensuring the safety of those who needed assistance getting to higher ground

I want to share a video from YouTube user dutchinse who was driving back from North Carolina stating all the water that was filled throughout the woods in KY, TN and Southern IL.

His comment can be located in the video at approximately 1:28

As the water rushed through Southeast Missouri and rose to the roofs of the houses, it had to have a release, so it continued to travel and it found a home in Memphis.

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