Broken Levees

Flood of 2011 Along the Mississippi

Broken Levee – Pinhook 2011

Originally this blog was to bring about to light the community of Pinhook Missouri when the Army Corp of Engineer blasted the Birds Point levee in New Madrid. The media only talked about the farmland that was being destroyed.  In its path was a community of people who have lived there from many years, as long as 60 years or more.  No one was talking about this community of Pinhook Missouri.  When I was a child, there were more than 200 families who lived in this beautiful and bountiful place.  We have survived many years and never once have we dealt with flood waters of this magnitude.  To watch the destruction of our homes is almost more than a heart can bear.

As I continued to watch the news and the water continue to move south, I realized that the story had become bigger than just one community so decided to make it bigger story. Regardless of whether anyone reads it or not, it’s therapeutic for me. I still want the Army Corp of Engineers to complete the task of rebuilding the Birds Point Levee to get the Community of Pinhook back on their feet and restore what is a wonderful place for the people who live there.

Photos by: Randy Sutton


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