Broken Levees

Flood of 2011 Along the Mississippi

Louisiana Spillway – Morganza ,Flooded Farmland, and Katrina

The Army Corp of Engineers cited “Public Safety as their #1 priority” to open the Morganza spillway. One bay of the giant structure was opened Saturday at 3 p.m. local time, sending water out at a predicted 10,000 cubic feet per second.

My knowledge of the Louisiana spillway is not a lot, so I leave it to the links to give the information. I do know that more farmland has been flooded.  This particular levee has only been activated once, which was in 1973.  According to published reports, it was to protect the bigger towns of Baton Rouge and also the Oil Refineries.  The path of the Mississippi River  leads straight to the gulf. Maybe the intention of the corp is to send the water into the gulf to fill up there.

Estimated reports of damage along the River Towns has been estimated to be approximately $2 billion dollars.

I can only think about the effects of the damage of Hurricane Katrina as I watch the flooding happening in Louisiana and wonder about those affected.

Hurricane Katrina was one of the five deadliest storms to hit the United States in recent history. The death toll was 1,836. Damage was estimated $80 billion dollars. The Governor of Louisiana had been urging those in the path of the flood waters to evacuate.  It is of concern the survivors who still live in this area are those who least need to deal with another flood and be reminded of what they endured.


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