Broken Levees

Flood of 2011 Along the Mississippi

Corp Says 90 Days Before Assessment of New Madrid Levee

It will be at least three months (that’s 90 days) before the Army corp of  Engineers will be able to come in and  do and assessment of the levee they blew up to save the town of Cairo, IL back at the beginning of May, 2o11. This means at least until August before anything will be done about the people in Southeast Missouri. We will be well into fall. The farmer’s crops are all but lost for this year. We already know that 130,000 plus acres of farmland has been lost in the region, not to mention the Village of Pinhook, Missouri was destroyed in the breaching of the Birds Point Levee.  Also gone were the small communities of Dorena, Windyville, and Wolf Island Missouri.

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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers sent U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson (R) a letter explaining a timeline for effort to rehabilitate the Birds Point – New Madrid Floodway that was flooded after the corps intentionally breached a levee on May 2.

According to the letter from the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works Jo-Ellen Darcy, “Restoring the floodway as soon as possible will be a top priority. Following operation of the floodway, it is estimated that it will take 45 to 60 days for the water to recede, if there is no additional rainfall. After the water has receded, it will take another 21 to 30 days for the land to dry out. At that point, an assessment will be made to determine the extent of restoration that will be required.”

The letter is in response to an inquiry from Emerson and Missouri’s two U.S. Senators asking for levees to be rebuilt and the floodway restored.

“The sooner the Corps can start on levee restoration, the quicker people in Southern Missouri can get back to their homes and land, assess the damage there, go back to work, and put their lives back in order. This has been a deeply painful experience for thousands of people in the Eighth Congressional District, and I look upon the Corps’ commitment as the first bit of good news we’ve gotten in quite some time,” Emerson said in a statement..


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