Broken Levees

Flood of 2011 Along the Mississippi

Flood Control Act of 1928

The Flood Control Act of 1928 enacted by the 70th Congress of the United States authorized the Army Corp of Engineers to design and construct projects to control floods on the Mississippi River and its tributaries. This was in response to the great Mississippi flood of 1927 , and was sponsored by Sen. Wesley L. Jones (R) of Washington, and Re. Frank R. Reid (R) of Illinois.

The Flood Control Act gives the Army Corp of Engineers Control.

Deja Vu?

Flood of 1937 – The Early History 

This information is from the pages of Jarod Roll regarding the 1937 flood and protest…The Army Corp of Engineers only once before blasted the levee at New Madrid.  This information is for background information only.  From his webpage: southern spaces, this tells a little background on the flood of 1937. This excerpt is from:

“Out Yonder on the Road”: Working Class Self-Representation and the 1939 Roadside Demonstration in Southeast Missouri

The Early History:  Blow the levee to protect Cairo Illinois?  Well, I digress. We haven’t gotten there yet. We will.  Still working on some background information for now.
Here is the link to Mr. Roll’s webpage. It is a very informative piece about the plight of both blacks and whites looking for a better way of life in Southeast Missouri.


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